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Diamond Bracelets University City




University City Diamond Bracelets


At Frank Salese Fine Diamonds, we have a wide selection of Diamond Bracelets to choose from! We have been serving Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs for over 50 years!  If you are looking for high quality diamond bracelets at a fair price, please give us a call.   There are many types of Diamond Bracelets to choose from in Philadelphia. We will walk you through the entire process to ensure you select the right Diamond Bracelet for your taste and budget.



Diamond Bracelets in University City


Diamond jewelry adds style, distinction and pizzazz to any outfit.  The choices and combinations are endless, with diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond necklaces and diamond bracelets to wear individually or together.  Each jewelry type has many options of styles to suit all kinds of outfits for different people and personalities.


Diamond bracelets can be worn  individually or stacked as multiples of the same bracelet.  You can also mix bracelets of different types to develop an intensely personalized look with your accessories.  Some bracelets look best on their own, and some blend well with coordinating jewelry in the same tone.  Some diamond bracelets are distinctive in style, and others fall into general categories of diamond bracelets.  The most common types of diamond bracelets are bangle bracelets, tennis bracelets and charm bracelets.  Let’s explore them in more detail.



University City Fine Diamond Bracelets

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Over 50 Years!



The Different Styles of Diamond Bracelets in University City


There are many different Diamond Bracelet Styles, therefore it can be very confusing when selecting the right diamond bracelet for you or your significant other.  We will assist you throughout the entire process to ensure you are selecting the right diamond bracelet to match your taste, budget and lifestyle.




Diamond Bangle Bracelets University City


Diamond bangle bracelets are rigid bracelets that hold their shape, and are usually made with no clasp.  The diamond bangles are made of metal with diamonds set around part of the bangle or around the circumference of the entire bangle.  The size of a bangle in relation to your hand is important, because bangle sizes often cannot be adjusted.  The bangle should be large enough to fit over your hand when you put it on, yet be small enough to remain in place without falling off.


Diamond Charm Bracelets University City


A diamond charm bracelet is a bracelet composed of metal links.  The links are the structure of the bracelet and make up the entire length of the bracelet.  Charms are then attached to the links and hang off the bracelet.  Any shape or object can be made into a charm, and some popular choices are flowers, hearts and initials.  A charm may be made entirely of diamonds, or may compose a focal point in the charm, such as the center of a flower or the eye of an animal.  Diamonds may also be found as part of the bracelet itself.


Diamond Tennis Bracelets University City


Diamond tennis bracelets are the most popular type of diamond bracelet.  Tennis bracelets were originally called diamond line bracelets because the diamonds are set in a line along the entire length of the bracelet.  The diamonds may be set flush beside each other, or may be spaced evenly along the length of the bracelet.



For every look from casual to formal and from subtle to glamorous, there is a diamond bracelet that will elevate that look.  The many styles of diamond bracelets available give you unlimited opportunities to shine.


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We are here to assist with all of your Diamond Bracelet needs!





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