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Diamond Necklaces Center City




Center City  Diamond Necklaces


Diamond necklaces come in several basic styles which have very different looks and feels. Considering the different types of diamond necklaces is something which should play a role in a purchasing decision, to make sure that the right necklace is selected. The taste of the wearer can be a factor, as can issues like his or her body type and general sense of style.


Diamond Necklaces Center City  - Styles


There are two basic types of diamond necklaces: pendants and true necklaces. A diamond pendant is a small setting which hangs from a chain. The setting can vary from a solitaire to something more ornate, such as a setting which incorporates multiple stones, and the look and feel of the necklace can be changed by swapping out the chain for a different design or style.


True necklaces can be made in a variety of ways, with the key distinction being that the setting is not free-hanging, like a pendant. Diamonds are available in the form of chokers, collars, and chains which can be fabricated in a variety of styles. A true necklace tends to be more expensive, because it requires more stones, since the stones are often set all the way around the necklace, rather than just being present in a pendant.


Ornate chokers and collars tend to be more suitable for highly formal occasions. In the case of a collar with a large array of stones, the necklace best complements a woman with a long neck and torso, so that the stones can be laid out elegantly without looking packed into a small space. Such necklaces are also typically worn with low cut gowns, so that the diamonds are seen against the skin.


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Types of Diamond Necklaces Center City


Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds are the epitome of glamour and prestige, and a diamond necklace exemplifies tasteful elegance. This necklace style features a line of diamonds that can be flush against one another or set in more elaborate settings. Often worn by celebrities and for formal occasions, a collar-length diamond necklace adds a dramatic finish to a strapless gown. For optimum brilliance and fire, we recommend choosing diamonds that are graded no less than I in color and SI2 in clarity.


Diamond & Gemstone Necklaces

Similar in design to the diamond necklace, this necklace style combines colored gemstones with classic diamonds. Some settings alternate diamonds and gemstones, while others may showcase one gemstone more prominently, accented by another precious or semi-precious stone. Birthstone gems are a popular choice for accent stones.


Diamond Necklace Lengths- Diamond Necklaces in Center City


Chains vary not only by the type of links, but also by their length and how they are meant to be worn. Although you'll find exceptions, most necklaces fall into one of the below categories:


Choker or Collar Necklace Length

These are meant to be worn just above the collarbones, around the base of the neck. This length emphasizes the shoulders and is well-suited to shirts with high necklines. Chokers are usually 16 inches in length or shorter.


Princess Necklace Length

Princess length chains are one of the most popular styles, hanging over the collarbones to display a pendant. These chains are typically 18 inches long.


Opera Necklace Length

Also called matinee necklaces, opera length chains are longer and are usually worn over a shirt or blouse with a pendant. Most opera chains are 24 inches in length.


Rope Necklace Length

Rope chains can be 30 inches or longer, draping over clothing to create dramatic style. Ropes are usually worn without a pendant, although a shorter version may be adorned with a large, dangling metal or gemstone design. Ropes can be wider chains or they can be fine and very long, worn looped around the neck several times at different lengths.


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